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Why engage an architect to build your forever home.

Engaging Flourish Architecture as opposed to a volume builder may seem daunting, yet it is incredibly important to examine the fundamental difference in process and outcome when working with a team of Architects.

Working with an architect is like getting clothes made by a tailor. The fit is made especially for you and your needs. Yes, an off the rack option may be more cost effective, but it will never work as well or make you feel as good as something made just for you. It’s the little touches with detailing, space planning and access to natural light and air that can make daily life in your home more enjoyable.

One of our main drivers is to focus on delivering exceptional value for money for our clients. We maximise value within the budget you provide; translating to a superior build that can cost less. We utilise clever cost saving processes, design and materials that leads to results that will surprise you – in a good way! Above all, we thrive on balancing the competing forces of our client’s brief, problem solving until we find a solution that exceeds your requirements.

As industry professionals, we complete many years of dedicated training prior to being accredited, which results in highly developed skills relating to:

  • Efficiency in design, processes and materials
  • Producing a refined aesthetic and end result
  • Executing expert and critical analysis of spatial planning
  • Designing a personalised architectural home that is completely individual to the locality of the build and your family’s needs

We are influenced by decades of education and professional development, as well as the cherished connection we establish with our clients. Sitting between these two pillars of architectural direction is our specialised knowledge relating to the natural and built environment, materials, costings and professional design and construction processes.

We are genuinely invested in your project

When you engage us to work on your project, we are here to help you achieve your vision. You can expect an initial project meeting that involves a mutual deep dive on design direction for the project. This meeting is lengthy yet critical to the design process, as we aim to get inside your head and establish parameters of the build. We will work closely with you to make your vision the best version of itself.

Understanding inspiration and limitations

It is incredibly helpful to see any architectural inspiration you may have, including but not limited to: budget, general ideas and design direction, inspiration images, likes and dislikes, and where applicable any existing floorplans or documentation.

We will discuss in depth the limitations and constraints of the site, and any relevant planning restrictions. Together we will establish the way your family likes to utilise their space, in relation to both the interior and exterior of a custom designed home.

Bringing new ways of thinking and a personal approach

We are proud to enlist creative and multilateral thinking at every stage of the project, to ensure the quality of life for our client’s is elevated far beyond their expectations. We wholeheartedly believe it is thrilling to create a house that becomes a forever home.

Our personable approach towards all clients and architectural developments brings a broad scope of professional knowledge and interests that influence our decision making and design outcomes.

If our design and architectural process sounds like something you would like when creating your new home or renovating your existing space, we would love to discuss any questions you might have. Get in touch with us today.