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Introducing Kangaroo Point Traditional House

We are excited to introduce our newly completed project – Kangaroo Point Traditional House. This project was a labour of love and a true reflection of the valued design journey we undertook with our clients. The renovation of this 1915 workers cottage house is a response to the home’s historic nature, and the result is a beautiful blend of old and new – a testament to the timelessness of collaborative design.

The Kangaroo Point Traditional House project began with a vision to preserve the rich history of the original workers cottage while incorporating modern elements that cater to the needs and tastes of contemporary living. Our team worked closely with the homeowners to ensure that every aspect of the design was a perfect reflection of their unique style, while staying true to the essence of the home’s past.

One of the most striking features of the renovation is the careful incorporation of the home’s original historic bricks. These bricks, once part of the downstairs laundry, now serve as a stunning focal point in the newly created wine cellar and staircase. This thoughtful design choice not only maintains a tangible link to the home’s past but adds a touch of industrial charm to the space.

The historic brick also served as an inspiration for many other design elements throughout the home. The industrial nature of the brick informed our choice of vanities, cabinetry, and exterior selections, creating a cohesive design language that connects old and the new. In the upper level of the home, the brick is beautifully showcased as a casing for the woodstove, further reinforcing the connection between the home’s history and its modern restorations.

The Kangaroo Point Traditional House is more than just a renovation project; it is a celebration of the enduring beauty of classic design, combined with the innovations of modern living. By carefully weaving together the home’s historical elements with contemporary touches, we have created a space that is both functional and stylish, and most importantly, a true reflection of the homeowners’ vision.

We are incredibly proud of the Kangaroo Point Traditional House, and are grateful to our clients for entrusting us with their vision. This project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of preserving the past while embracing the future.