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New home design allows owner to live comfortably, with accessibility and sustainability at its core.

Enogerra Modern House’s personalised, accessible and sustainable design will enhance the owner’s quality of life. Due to medical conditions that will impact her way of life, Flourish Architecture was engaged to problem solve her needs through clever and accessible design as she embarks on her retirement years.

After living and working away from Brisbane, the owner returned to the very street she grew up in to begin her next chapter. In recent years, she has been diagnosed with medical conditions which mean she will likely need a wheelchair in the future. This reality is at the heart of Enogerra Modern House’s sustainable design, resulting in an entirely accessible and tailored home suitable for her to enjoy in the years to come.

In addition to being practically feasible for a wheelchair, it was important to the owner that her home was low maintenance, highly functional and full of personality. As she enjoys slowing down after a long career, she wants to spend time gardening, sewing and entertaining friends, without the burden of maintaining a needlessly large property.  The home accommodates these needs with its single storey layout, featuring guest bedrooms, indoor-outdoor living and ample space for entertaining – all within a modest and manageable footprint. From an accessibility standpoint, the continuous floor level, generous corridor width and thoughtful layout of amenities will allow her to easily inhabit and move through the house in a wheelchair.

“Jamin and Matt of Flourish Architecture have given me a future in a beautiful home that meets all my needs of space, manageability and lifestyle. Enogerra Modern House has been truly designed for later in life and is most livable without any hint of the necessities of old age within a great feeling of space and light”

In subtropical Brisbane, working with the climate is crucial for a comfortable lifestyle. In response to the owner’s aversion to air conditioning, a host of passive temperature control measures have been included throughout. Insulated panels were used for the roofing, protecting the home from the summer heat and allowing warmth to be retained during cooler months. The roof also features solar panels to capitalise on abundant sunshine, and a single slope to capture rainwater for gardening. Numerous louvres, windows and sliding doors inside invite air flow and natural light – not only aiding in temperature control but also adding a sense of volume to the house.

Screens extending down from the roofline offer protection from harsh sunlight and cast beautiful shadows inside, while also supplying privacy from the neighbouring properties. The breezeblock pattern of the screens references the homes the owner remembers from her childhood, a fitting tribute to her early years in the street.

Timeless and industrial materials throughout the home form an intentionally blank canvas to be decorated by the owner’s personality. White, black and natural finishes dominate the material palette, which blends timber, concrete, brick and steel to make a hard-wearing foundation. An avid traveller and art enthusiast, the owner’s vibrant collection of souvenirs, artworks and furniture infuses the house with colour and personality. Inside, distinctive tiles and light fittings add bright, complimentary tones to the living areas, while extruding bricks in the outdoor space can be adorned by small artworks and artefacts.

Enogerra Modern House aims to provide the owner with a low maintenance, sustainable and accessible home specifically suited to her needs and way of living. Through careful consideration and personalised design, Flourish Architecture have created an environment for her to inhabit – comfortably and meaningfully – in this next phase of her life.